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Account Engagement Folder Sharing in Email Template

Account Engagement|

When you save your email template, you can keep it in a Private or Public folder. Private - Only you can see the email template. Public - Everyone can see the email template. But what if you want something in between? You can create a folder and grant specific people access to the folder.  Follow the steps below.   Email Template Creating a Shared Folder [...]

What is “” and Why Should I Care?

Account Engagement|

Salesforce updated how Account Engagement (Pardot) users get system notifications.   You might see a notification on your Account Engagement Dashboard. No more Salesforce continues migrating Account Engagement features and functions into the core systems.  With this, Account Engagement's status site "" is moving to "" on June 1, 2023.  Salesforce Status provides transparency on service availability and performance for Salesforce products.   For instance, Salesforce [...]

Deep Dive into the Account Engagement (Pardot) Optimizer


When Salesforce discussed potential names for the Optimizer, I would have suggested a different choice.  I would have called it "Mom."  It's the force that says, "Clean up your stuff!" What is the Optimizer? The Optimizer gives marketers a big-picture look at the health of their Account Engagement systems to improve email send times, speed up automation processing, and more.   Marketers can see which recommendations [...]

Simplify Your Campaign Structure With 6 Easy-Peasy Steps


A big step toward better marketing reporting is using campaigns. For marketers, campaigns are the foundation of measuring the effectiveness of their team's activities. Here's a six-step process to help you navigate setting up your campaigns in Account Engagement. 1. List your marketing initiatives Write down all the activities of your marketing team. Defining initiatives will provide insights into the effectiveness of those efforts. Events [...]

Top 10 Account Engagement (Pardot) Blog posts of 2023


I always enjoy looking back to see what blog posts are getting the most traction and helping marketers. Here are the Top 10 most popular blog posts of 2023:   Adding Account Engagement (Pardot) Users with User SyncCreating the Perfect Account Engagement Campaign Structure Surprisingly, I often get this question from companies with user sync enabled: How do I add an Account Engagement (Pardot) user? [...]

Follow These 4 Steps for an Effective Email Drip


Creating your first email drip is daunting.  (Where to begin?) So, I’m giving you a starting point. The concept Here’s the scenario: you have permission to email a segment of prospects, and they are new to your company.  Maybe these are prospects from a trade show. We are going to send five emails- one every week. I’m looking for prospects that click twice. After the [...]

Verifying your Account Engagement (Pardot) Email Sending Domain


Let's get your Sending Domain setup! Sending Domain A sending domain indicates who an email is from via the "From" email header. Your IT person can configure the DNS records for a sending domain, which allows recipient mail servers to authenticate your messages.   For instance, if you use Email Sender, "" is the sending domain.  Domain Setup Your IT person will need to add [...]

Don’t Forget the “Do Not Email” Field


Do you use the Do Not Email field? Most marketers overlook it or misuse it. Account Engagement (Account Engagement) mailability features updated in the summer of 2021. With it, Salesforce proposed a new way to manage prospects. Understand the difference Account Engagement offers two fields to prevent prospects from getting emails. Do Not Email - Marketers can mark prospects as Do Not Email to [...]

What are Account Engagement (Pardot) External Actions and External Activities?


If you ask anyone in Salesforce, "What's new with Account Engagement (Pardot)?" they will probably say, "Extensibility." Salesforce has been dutifully dedicating resources to extensibility, the ability to connect Account Engagement to different systems. Why should marketers care?  Better connectivity allows for better data and insight, leading to more precise automation. Plus, it reduces manual work. Salesforce is expanding extensibility with Account Engagement in three [...]

Account Engagement (Pardot) Select Sync Behavior for the Opted Out Field


  Salesforce is now granting an extension to select Opted Out Sync behavior.  After your request the extension, you have until Jan 15, 2024 to select a sync behavior for the Opted Out field.  If you don't select a sync behavior before Jan 15, 2024, the field stops syncing with Salesforce until you make a selection. If you don't request the extension, you have [...]

Compare Lightning Email Builder with Classic Email Sending


"Should I use the new Email Builder," is a question I hear often.   My answer: "It depends."  I've seen marketers divide on their preferences, mainly due to what features are available in Email Builder. Marketers who embrace the Email Builder Have neither HTML and CSS coding capabilities nor agency resources Put more emphasis on the email content (less on design) Think speed and ease of [...]

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