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First-Party Tracking Explained – Pardot User Group Recorded Session

Pardot-First-Party Tracking|

First-Party Tracking and What You Need To Do In Pardot On March 10, 2021, the Twin Cities and New Delhi Pardot User Groups presented a session on first-party tracking.  The links below are the slides and the recording of the session.  Salesforce's Christopher Cornett and Joel Odom were guest speakers. Slides 2021.03.10 First-Party Tracking User Group Meeting Recording     2:33 - Slide [...]

Blissfully Easy B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA) Setup


My grandfather used to say, “If you have a talent, use it.” His sage advice holds for B2B Marketing Analytics: If you have it, use it. Many companies have B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA), but it’s not enabled because they don’t know it exists, or the setup is often challenging. (Setup is the #1 question Salesforce gets about B2BMA.) B2BMA is a reporting tool that gives [...]

How to Manage the Duplicate Dilemma


PardotPro Lara Black collaborated on this blog.   So what's the big deal with dupes? In Pardot, duplicates mean that you might email the wrong person, or that your reporting will be messy (or completely inaccurate). Or, the worst of all, your duplicate may not sync with Salesforce, which means they're not capturing account level fields that indicate they're a customer or have an open [...]

How to Update Pardot for Single Sign-On (SSO) Quickly and Easily


The countdown continues for Pardot-only users. (I imagine a New Year’s Eve style countdown.) The eminent day is February 15, 2021.   By this date, all your Pardot users should be synced with Salesforce users with Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled. Pardot is saying sayonara (goodbye!) to its legacy, user authentication system. SSO lets users access both Salesforce and Pardot with one set of credentials. What happens [...]

Don’t Miss These ParDreamin’ Highlights


I attended ParDreamin' last month, and it was ripe with great Pardot advice.  (I’ve been binge-watching the recorded sessions the last few weeks.) ParDreamin' presenters shared Pardot insights that gave me the same delight as reaching into last season’s coat pocket and finding a wad of money (over and over again). I’m loving it. Here are a few examples: Use HML to enable Resubscribe on [...]

Pardot Email Content – Email Sending Gotchas

Pardot - Email Builder|

After creating a Pardot email builder template, your next step is sending an email. Exciting! At the time of writing this blog, I’d sent more than a dozen emails from Email Content, and I learned a few items that I want to share with you. Let’s start with the Gotchas (unexpected, usually disconcerting challenges). There are two circumstances that stop many of my clients. Gotchas [...]

Pardot Email Builder-Explore Your Image Hosting Choices

Pardot - Email Builder|

Everybody likes choices.  The more the better. But sometimes, more choices creates indecision. You will quickly realize in the new Pardot email builder that you have a choice to store images in three different places: URL link Salesforce CMS Files So… what’s the difference? Let’s examine each option. 1. URL Link The URL link allows you to copy and paste a link to a publicly [...]

Pardot Email Builder-Helpful Set Up Guide

Pardot - Email Builder|

I updated this blog on 6/20/2021 to incorporate the Summer 2021 enhancement. Now, Salesforce provides a default CDN domain for your salesforce instance, making the Email Builder set up fast and easy. __ Hey there! Glad to see that you are ready to set up the new Email Builder, the future of email sending in Pardot. The Email Builder allows marketers to create basic, drag-and-drop [...]

Pardot Email Builder-Set Up Your Salesforce CMS

Pardot - Email Builder|

I updated this blog on 6/20/2021 to reflect the Summer 2021 enhancement.  Salesforce now provides a default CDN domain for your salesforce instance.  (Nice!) Because Salesforce made setup easier, you can get complete Email Builder setup instructions in Pardot Email Builder – Helpful Set Up Guide Good luck!         More Other helpful Email Builder blogs: Pardot Email Content - Sending an Email [...]

9 Benefits of Einstein Behavior Score


Traditional lead scoring has been around for decades.   Traditional is the perfect word. It means long-established. Conventional. Habitually done.    What’s the opposite of traditional? Novel. Modern. Einstein. Yes, Einstein.   Traditional lead scoring is choosing a horse and buggy when you have a car (Einstein) in the garage. With traditional scoring, sales and marketing teams determine the quality of a lead based on specific activities [...]

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