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Pardot Email Content – Sending an Email


After creating a Pardot email builder template, your next step is sending an email. Exciting! At the time of writing this blog, I’d sent more than a dozen emails from Email Content, and I learned a few items that I want to share with you. Let’s start with the Gotchas (unexpected, usually disconcerting challenges). There are two circumstances that stop many of my clients. Gotchas [...]

Pardot Email Builder-Explore Your Image Hosting Choices


Everybody likes choices.  The more the better. But sometimes, more choices creates indecision. You will quickly realize in the new Pardot email builder that you have a choice to store images in three different places: URL link Salesforce CMS Files So… what’s the difference? Let’s examine each option. 1. URL Link The URL link allows you to copy and paste a link to a publicly [...]

Pardot Email Builder-Set Up Your Salesforce CMS


Want to add images to your emails with Pardot’s new email template builder?  You need to set up your Salesforce CMS. Salesforce CMS (Content Management System) hosts all the Pardot email builder images.  In general, Salesforce CMS lets your team create content in a central location and syndicate it to any digital touchpoint. The start-to-finish process for setting up the email builder is defined in [...]

9 Benefits of Einstein Behavior Score


Traditional lead scoring has been around for decades.   Traditional is the perfect word. It means long-established. Conventional. Habitually done.    What’s the opposite of traditional? Novel. Modern. Einstein. Yes, Einstein.   Traditional lead scoring is choosing a horse and buggy when you have a car (Einstein) in the garage. With traditional scoring, sales and marketing teams determine the quality of a lead based on specific activities [...]

11 most common questions about Pardot Business Units


Content from Richard Felle, Salesforce Senior Marketing Automation Consultant   Pardot enhancements roll out every April, August and December - three times more frequent than Apple launching a new iPhone. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up. With so much change, Pardot users often have questions. Here are 11 of the most common questions Salesforce gets about Pardot business units. Background Business Units are separate Pardot [...]

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