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Using Pardot’s Einstein Engagement Frequency (EEF)


Here's a refreshing, new Pardot feature. Einstein Engagement Frequencey (EEF) helps marketers by predicting the optimal send frequency for marketing emails. For example, you can create a list of "Undersaturated" prospects for a re engagement email drip program.  Or, you can add "Oversaturated" prospects to a suppression list to prevent too many emails sent to individual prospects. Use the EEF criteria in Engagement Studio, dynamic [...]

Using Pardot’s Open Rules Audit


In September 2021, Apple's Mail Privacy Protection made email opens a less reliable engagement metric. Read more here. Time to do something about it. Use Pardot's Open Rules Audit to identify where you have "email open" as a trigger in Engagement Studios, Automation Rules and Dynamic Lists.  Consider using a different metric to measure email engagement (like clicks). The Open Rules Audit is available in [...]

You Enabled Pardot Email Builder Before the Winter ’22 Release? KNOW THIS!

Pardot - Email Builder|

You’re a first-mover, and you turned on Pardot’s Email Builder before the Winter ’22 release (Before October 2021). Nice! Follow these steps if you want to use Email Builder templates for Engagement Studio email drip campaigns. Email Builder Go into the Email Template tab and click on an email template. Do you see Activate for Automation in the top right corner? If you see “Activate [...]

ParDreamin Picks for 2021


I am an oversized ParDreamin’ advocate, but I didn’t watch a single recorded session…until now. I finally had a break between clients and my kids’ youth sporting events to get caught up.  Here are my top 2021 session picks. How to watch ParDreamin’ Before you start, I have two tips. You can download the speaker slides to get a quick peek at the content. This [...]

7 Nifty Features of B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA)


I love uncovering little surprises. (Like the time I found a miniature plastic spoon on the bottom of the yogurt container.) Amazing! Here are a few “spoon” features of B2BMA. Notifications B2BMA lets you view or add notifications. When a value passes a specific threshold, you can set a notification to get real-time alerts to key metrics.  Create notifications by selecting Set Notification from the [...]

Pardot Business Units 201

Pardot - Business Units|

Now that you’re getting comfortable with business units let’s get into some details that often raise questions.   #1 How to manage inbound prospects with forms for multiple business units Imagine managing your inbound prospects through forms.   In this instance, you have a single form, and a field value will direct the prospect to the correct BU. Here is an example of the steps (using two [...]

How to Effectively Add Opportunity Contact Roles (Flow)


Flows can be scary to create, but Opportunity Contact Roles are important for Pardot's campaign influence reporting. Here are the blueprints to create a Flow that automatically adds opportunity contact roles to the opportunity when the opportunity is created. I'm still new to Flows, so Sofia Davis-Kos from Cloud Masonry created this for me.  I've used it with many companies to give them Opportunity Contact [...]

Introducing Pardot’s Landing Page Builder


Coastal Cloud’s Pardot Consultant Danielle (Dani) Reeve collaborated on this blog.   Need a landing page, but you don’t have HTML/CSS skills? No problem! Pardot’s new landing page builder may be right for you. Salesforce released a new drag-and-drop landing page builder in the Winter 2022 release.  It comes exactly a year after the Email Builder, and if you are familiar with creating drag-and-drop email templates, [...]

Pardot Winter ’22 Release Favorites


While I was at Dreamforce this week, I bumped into several Pardot experts. So...naturally I stopped and asked them about their favorite Pardot Winter '22 release feature.  Here's what they said: Jennifer Schneider - Pardot Classic is retired "If you're you're not on Lightning, do it yesterday!" The Pardot Classic app will no longer be available for new accounts on October 11, 2021, and it’s [...]

Become a Pardot Whiz With These Helpful Tips


These tips are from my friend Claudia Hoops, a Pardot consultant at Destined.  She posted these insights on LinkedIn, and I grabbed a handful that had the most engagement.   #1 - Page Action Counter Page Actions are a nifty, but powerful Pardot feature and, in my experience, often underutilized. They allow you to overlay specific pages on your website with Pardot Marketing Automation actions. [...]

Demystifying Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection


Apple’s new privacy protection made me sigh. Marketers dodged a downhill-rolling boulder with Google’s announcement to stop third-party tracking, only to find another serious obstacle (Apple’s new policy) right behind it. Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection blocks email senders from knowing if email recipients opened their email. It also masks the IP address so it can’t be linked to other online activity or used to determine [...]

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