I always enjoy looking back to see what blog posts are getting the most traction and helping marketers.

Here are the Top 10 most popular blog posts of 2023:


Adding Account Engagement (Pardot) Users with User SyncCreating the Perfect Account Engagement Campaign Structure

Surprisingly, I often get this question from companies with user sync enabled: How do I add an Account Engagement (Pardot) user?

Follow the steps in this blog…


Effectively Set Up Your Account Engagement (Pardot) Unsubscribe

Every email needs an unsubscribe link.

Every. Single. Email.

In fact, Account Engagement won’t let you send an email without the unsubscribe or preference center link.

Click to learn how to set up Account Engagement unsubscribe and much more!


Account Engagement (Pardot) Select Sync Behavior for the Opted Out Field

Salesforce is now granting an extension to select Opted Out Sync behavior. After your request the extension, you have until Jan 15, 2024 to select a sync behavior for the Opted Out field. If you don’t select a sync behavior before Jan 15, 2024, the field stops syncing with Salesforce until you make a selection.


SAccount Engagement (Pardot) Preference Center: Manage Subscribers Like a ProYSTEM UPDATE: Check your Account Engagement Settings

Last week I bought hockey laces for my 12-year old son, and now I get daily marketing emails about pucks, helmets, and hockey sticks.


I don’t play hockey.

Where’s the unsubscribe link?

Wait, I see a list of choices. I can select how I want to get the hockey company’s emails.

Smart! They use a preference center.


Account Engagement Automation Cookbook

So you think you know the basics about Account Engagement automations, but you are struggling to get started?

It’s time to start practicing!

Check out my Automation “Cookbook.” It’s a collection of common Account Engagement examples for typical marketing activities.

This guide is intended for beginner to intermediate Account Engagement users. It’s meant to provide examples and inspiration of typical automations I see every day in Account Engagement.


Account Engagement (Pardot): Create Segmentation or Dynamic Lists

Account Engagement has two kinds of lists: Segmentation and Dynamic. Both lists are used for various reasons, including sending emails, suppressing email recipients or grouping prospects in your database for automations.


How to Manage the Duplicate Dilemma

So what’s the big deal with dupes?

In Account Engagement, duplicates mean that you might email the wrong person, or that your reporting will be messy (or completely inaccurate). Or, the worst of all, your duplicate may not sync with Salesforce, which means they’re not capturing account-level fields that indicate they’re a customer or have an open opportunity.

In Salesforce, duplicate records are dangerous to system credibility because users can’t find the updates that they’ve made (they’re looking at the wrong copy of the record). Also, each dupe often represents an incomplete record with multiple data quality issues.

So what’s a marketer to do?


Account Engagement (Pardot) Email Builder Image Dimensions

With the new Email Builder, you may struggle to find the correct image size for different column widths. Often, it’s a trial-by-error game.

Here is a handy guide.

It shows you the approximate Email Builder image dimensions for different column widths.

You can print, cut, and pin the PDF near your workspace. Or, save the png file to your desktop.


Confused by First-Party Tracking? No More!


How do you get a B2B marketer’s attention?


Mess with their marketing reports.

Google Chrome’s recent announcement to phase out third-party cookies is making a significant impact in the web ecosystem. Read more here.

To be ready, you need to make changes to your website and upgrade your Account Engagement system by 2024 or your website tracking won’t report correctly. (Google delayed the rollout.)


Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce Integration

Imagine standing in front of a twenty-thousand-square-foot steel warehouse full of your company’s products.

How will you sell your products to customers?

The combination of sales and marketing working in tandem is a profitable approach for many corporations.

In the Salesforce ecosystem, marketers do this by leveraging Salesforce and Account Engagement (Pardot) together. But, first, you need to understand how data flows between the two systems.