Did you see the new message on the Pardot Dashboard tab?


Account Engagement (Pardot) Select Sync Behavior for the prospect opted out field

 Salesforce is changing the Opted Out field sync behavior. 

 You must choose either “Use Pardot’s Value” or “Use Salesforce’s Value.”

Account Engagement (Pardot) Select Sync Behavior for the prospect opted out field Use Pardot's value

 You have until February 26, 2023, to update it. 

 If you don’t take action, the Opted Out field will be UNMAPPED and stop syncing with Salesforce. Any new Pardot instance created after August, 26, 2022 will automatically map the Opted Out field to “Use Pardot’s Value.” 

 Attend my office hours if you have any questions.  

 Read the official Salesforce documentation here.


 Use Pardot’s Value

Most companies will select “Use Pardot’s Value” because they want Pardot as the system of record for Opt Outs.

If so, Salesforce Administrators should change the Email Opt Out field to “View Only.” Otherwise, sales will get the impression that they can update the field, but it will only get overridden by Pardot on the sync.

(Pardot’s “Opted Out” field maps to “Email Opt Out” field in Salesforce.)

Account Engagement (Pardot) Field properties Email Opt Out Read-Only

Sales Opts Out Customers

If you choose “Use Pardot’s Value” and sales wants the control to omit specific customers from marketing emails, I advise setting up the Do Not Email field. The Do Not Email field does not natively map to Salesforce, so you need to create a custom Salesforce field and sync the field in Pardot.  

Follow these steps:

  1. In Salesforce, create a checkbox field in Lead and Contact object and name it “Do Not Email.”
  2. Go into Padot Settings tab and choose “Object and Field Configuration > Prospect Fields.” Select “Add New” custom field.  
  3. Name the field and choose the new Do Not Email in “salesforce.com Field Name.”  Also, add field value choices of “True” or “False.”

Account Engagement (Pardot) Do Not Email Pardot sync


Consider another scenario where a customer contacts sales and requests to opt back into marketing emails. Create a short resubscribe form (you just need the email address field), so your sales can share the link with any call-ins wishing for marketing communications from you again.