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Account Engaagement (Pardot) and Salesforce Integration


Imagine standing in front of a twenty-thousand-square-foot steel warehouse full of your company’s products. How will you sell your products to customers? The combination of sales and marketing working in tandem is a profitable approach for many corporations.  In the Salesforce ecosystem, marketers do this by leveraging Salesforce and Account Engagement (Pardot) together. But, first, you need to understand how data flows between the two [...]

Account Engagement (Pardot) Select Sync Behavior for the prospect Opted Out field


Did you see the new message on the Pardot Dashboard tab?    Salesforce is changing the Opted Out field sync behavior.   You must choose either "Use Pardot's Value" or "Use Salesforce's Value."  You have until February 26, 2023, to update it.   If you don't take action, the Opted Out field will be UNMAPPED and stop syncing with Salesforce. Any new Pardot instance created after August, [...]

Compare Lightning Email Builder with Classic Email Sending


"Should I use the new Email Builder," is a question I hear often.   My answer: "It depends."  I've seen marketers divide on their preferences, mainly due to what features are available in Email Builder. Marketers who embrace the Email Builder Have neither HTML and CSS coding capabilities nor agency resources Put more emphasis on the email content (less on design) Think speed and ease of [...]

Account Engagement: Create Segmentation or Dynamic Lists


Account Engagement has two kinds of lists: Segmentation and Dynamic. Both lists are used for various reasons, including sending emails, suppressing email recipients or grouping prospects in your database for automations. Segmentation List  The most basic list is a segmentation list.  The segmentation list is like an empty bucket. It will stay empty unless you purposefully add prospects to the list. You can add prospects:  [...]

Account Engagement: Send Birthday Emails with Ease


If you want to send a birthday email to your customers every year (or for any occasion), it’s a challenge. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE) doesn’t have an easy drop-down button for annual email sending.  No worries! You can create a couple of custom fields and copy these Salesforce Flows to make it work in your system.   How it works To send an email on [...]

View Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Bounce Details With Ease


A common question from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) marketers has been, “Can we see a bounce report?”   Well, now you can. What is a Bounce? An email bounces when it cannot be delivered and is returned to the sender. Emails bounce for many reasons,  but they may also negatively impact your email deliverability. For instance, if you have a high bounce rate, servers may [...]

When MCAE (Pardot) Cookies Prospects


Cookies are a big topic of discussion these days.  Ever wonder when MCAE (Pardot) cookies your prospects? Keep reading! Background When visitors click on MCAE marketing assets, web browsers will add a cookie (small data block) to their computer. This action identifies the person, and if that visitor interacts with your company again, MCAE will track their interactions. For example, if a visitor completes a [...]

MCAE (Pardot) Email Builder Image Dimensions


With the new Email Builder, you may struggle to find the correct image size for different column widths. Often, it’s a trial-by-error game. Does this look familiar? (See how the image needs resizing for smaller columns.) Here is a handy guide. It shows you the approximate Email Builder image dimensions for different column widths. You can print, cut, and pin the PDF near your workspace. [...]

SYSTEM UPDATE: Check your Pardot Settings


Salesforce is automatically updating Pardot for security reasons on August 12. I will refer to Pardot in this blog with its new name: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE). Am I affected? Go to Pardot Settings > Domain Management. Click on the upper right button called "Content Served Using Default Domain." This report will list any content (forms, form handlers, images etc.) or other content that’s [...]

Using Pardot’s Einstein Engagement Frequency (EEF)


Here's a refreshing, new Pardot feature. Einstein Engagement Frequencey (EEF) helps marketers by predicting the optimal send frequency for marketing emails. For example, you can create a list of "Undersaturated" prospects for a re engagement email drip program.  Or, you can add "Oversaturated" prospects to a suppression list to prevent too many emails sent to individual prospects. Use the EEF criteria in Engagement Studio, dynamic [...]

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