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Use These Email Tools for Account Engagement (Pardot)


Google and Yahoo made new email requirements effective February 2024. They expect email marketers to: Maintain a low spam threshold (under 0.3%) Authenticate emails with SPF, DKIM and DMARC Always include a List-Unsubscribe header Use these tools to make sure that you have all the new requirements covered. Postmaster Tool  Gmail has a 27.4% market share, and if you regularly send emails to your email [...]

Account Engagement (Pardot) Advanced Email Analytics

Account Engagement|

Advanced Email Analytics is an insightful tool for any Account Engagement user.  But let's be honest. In our modern marketing world, where you can't count opens and are unsure of clicks, the value of Advanced Email Analytics has dropped a notch. Nonetheless, marketers often find themselves reviewing the analytic results of important emails.  Advanced Email Analytics Account Engagement Advanced Email Analytics is available in Plus, [...]

New Gmail and Yahoo Protections and What to Do in Account Engagement (Pardot)

Account Engagement|

Google and Yahoo made joint announcements in October 2023 that will affect all email marketers worldwide. Just when you think you have email figured out, it changes. Here are the quick facts: Google and Yahoo have new requirements for companies that send over 5,000 messages to Gmail addresses in one day (bulk senders). A Gmail account is one of these account types: A personal account [...]

Customize your Account Engagement Email Content List View

Account Engagement|

Bill Fetter from Unfettered Marketing inspired this blog with his innovative solution of customizing Email Content.   If you’re using the new Lighting Email Builder, you regularly send emails out of Email Content. The Email Content default page layout looks something like this:   Take a closer look at the columns in the screenshot above. The default list only displays Name, Last Modified By and [...]

Adding Public Folder to Lightning Email Builder

Account Engagement|

If you are using the Lightning Email Builder, you likely want to save your email templates in a public folder.  The public folder will allow anyone in your team to access the email templates.  (Saving the email templates in the Private folder means only you will have access.) But sometimes, you can't see "Public Email Templates" as a choice. If this happens, you need to [...]

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Winter ’24 Release Highlights

Account Engagement|

Upcoming Account Engagement Winter '24 Webinar October 31, 2023 01:00 PM CDT Featured Speakers: Lindsey DiGiovanni, Product Manager, Salesforce Katie Wheeler, Product Marketing, Salesforce Hilary Scott, Associate Product Manager, Salesforce Join us for an exclusive look at the new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement features as part of the Winter ’24 Release. We will walk through our latest innovations for Account Engagement and discuss: How you [...]

Account Engagement Automation Cookbook

Account Engagement|

So you think you know the basics about Account Engagement automations, but you are struggling to get started? It's time to start practicing! Check out my Automation "Cookbook." It’s a collection of common Account Engagement examples for typical marketing activities.  This guide is intended for beginner to intermediate Account Engagement users.  It’s meant to provide examples and inspiration of typical automations I see every day [...]

Account Engagement (Pardot): Set Salesforce Field History Tracking for Email Opt Out

Account Engagement|

What’s the worst mistake in marketing? Most think about marketers sending wayward emails to the whole database, but what happens behind the scenes can be scary too. For instance, one marketing team was staring at an automation rule that had gone wrong. The marketer accidentally chose the criteria “Isn’t on the list” instead of “Is on the list.”  The result? The system unsubscribed twenty-five thousand [...]

Track Account Engagement Activities in Google Analytics (GA4)

Account Engagement|

This is a recorded session from the B2B Marketers User Group in Melbourne.      Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an analytics service that measures traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. Sabuhi Yahyayev, Marketing Automation Practice Lead from CloudKettle, explains integrating GA4 with Account Engagement. For instance, whenever someone fills out your Account Engagement form, the details go to GA4. It's best to [...]

Account Engagement Folder Sharing in Email Template

Account Engagement|

When you save your email template, you can keep it in a Private or Public folder. Private - Only you can see the email template. Public - Everyone can see the email template. But what if you want something in between? You can create a folder and grant specific people access to the folder.  Follow the steps below.   Email Template Creating a Shared Folder [...]

What is “” and Why Should I Care?

Account Engagement|

Salesforce updated how Account Engagement (Pardot) users get system notifications.   You might see a notification on your Account Engagement Dashboard. No more Salesforce continues migrating Account Engagement features and functions into the core systems.  With this, Account Engagement's status site "" is moving to "" on June 1, 2023.  Salesforce Status provides transparency on service availability and performance for Salesforce products.   For instance, Salesforce [...]

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