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Pardot Winter ’22 Release Favorites


While I was at Dreamforce this week, I bumped into several Pardot experts. So...naturally I stopped and asked them about their favorite Pardot Winter '22 release feature.  Here's what they said: Jennifer Schneider - Pardot Classic is retired "If you're you're not on Lightning, do it yesterday!" The Pardot Classic app will no longer be available for new accounts on October 11, 2021, and it’s [...]

Become a Pardot Whiz With These Helpful Tips


These tips are from my friend Claudia Hoops, a Pardot consultant at Destined.  She posted these insights on LinkedIn, and I grabbed a handful that had the most engagement.   #1 - Page Action Counter Page Actions are a nifty, but powerful Pardot feature and, in my experience, often underutilized. They allow you to overlay specific pages on your website with Pardot Marketing Automation actions. [...]

Demystifying Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection


Apple’s new privacy protection made me sigh. Marketers dodged a downhill-rolling boulder with Google’s announcement to stop third-party tracking, only to find another serious obstacle (Apple’s new policy) right behind it. Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection blocks email senders from knowing if email recipients opened their email. It also masks the IP address so it can’t be linked to other online activity or used to determine [...]

Pardot Business Units 101

Pardot - Business Units|

Some things are better separate. Here're a few examples:  pizza and bananas, French fries and ice cream, and certain Pardot prospects.   Sometimes Pardot prospects need to be segregated. Keeping them apart makes more sense. Or, for system configuration or legal reasons, marketers do NOT want prospects intermingling. What are Pardot business units? Marketers can separate their Pardot database into groups called business units. For instance, [...]

Set Up a Resubscribe on your Pardot Form Handlers


Pardot's resubscribe feature is golden. It lets an unsubscribed prospect opt back in again after they fill out a form.   Resubscribe works great – if you use Pardot forms. But, oh… you use form handlers. Sorry.  I see many companies using form handlers, and none of them have a resubscribe process. One solution is to use form handler completion actions to trigger an autoresponder with [...]

8 Gigantic Reasons to Love Pardot’s Mailability Enhancement


This blog was updated for the Winter 2022 Release.    Pardot’s mailability enhancement is the story of the iceberg.   You know. When you only see the very tip of the iceberg, and there’s much more to it underneath the water. Salesforce made several Pardot upgrades that give marketers better control and visibility on prospects’ ability to be emailed (changes to the Do Not Email and [...]

Boost Email Engagement with Pardot’s Einstein Send Time Optimization


Picking the right time and day to send an email makes me groan. Should I send it in the morning? Weekends? Fridays? The dilemma is common with marketers. But Pardot's new feature takes away the mystery. Einstein Send Time Optimization chooses the optimal time to send an email to maximize the probability of recipients opening the email. (Pull up a chair.) What is Einstein Send [...]

What You Need to Know About Pardot Custom Objects


Setting up Pardot custom objects is like getting a new addition to your house. It’s new. It’s exciting, and it opens up a new realm of possibilities. While Pardot syncs with Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities, you may want more.  Syncing Pardot custom objects to Salesforce gives you better integration and customization for your marketing assets. By default, Pardot Advanced edition can map up [...]

The One Pardot Email Report That You Should Have


If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one Pardot report, which one would you pick?  I’d choose the custom Engagement History email report. A whole new (reporting) world Custom Engagement History email reports will open a whole new world to Pardot reporting. Where do you go to see the results of your Pardot emails? Ninety-nine percent of you will say [...]

Create this Must-Have Salesforce Report for Campaigns


Ok, I’m going to share a little secret. I’m going to show you a report that I create for all my clients who use campaigns and want campaign marketing attribution. The report informs marketers on how many opportunities have contact roles and how many opportunities are missing contact roles. Who cares, you ask? Populating contact roles on opportunities is critical. Without it, your campaign influence [...]

Campaign Influence: How Auto-Association Works (You may be surprised!)


I love surprises! Salesforce campaign influence allows you to connect a prospect’s marketing activity to opportunity revenue. Why am I talking about surprises?  How the campaign influence, auto-association time frame is calculated may surprise you.  (It surprised me!) Campaign Influence Enablement Let's get started. Once enabled, campaign influence will associate campaigns with opportunities to help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. To turn [...]

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