Account Engagement Audit

Let’s see what you’ve got. 

You’ve had Account Engagement for some time now, but you want more. 

Jen will peek at how you’re using Account Engagement today. The process is like pulling out everything from your closet and then giving you a rating on each item that I find. 

You will learn what you are doing well, and where you can make improvements. The audit gives you a starting point on a path for the next steps to an even greater return on your Account Engagement investment. 

Jen’s in-depth audit is educational and insightful. You will receive the results in a 2-hour personal debriefing session, not just a written report.

“One of Jen’s strengths is her ability to tailor her in-depth technical and marketing knowledge to provide us the best results for our unique business objectives.”

Trevor Olson, President of Aware