Account Engagement Setup & Training

Wish you could do a brain download from a Account Engagement expert? This is the next best thing. 

Jen will do the setup, but you’ll learn the why’s and how’s, so you understand how your system works and how it integrates with Salesforce.

She trains your team using real-life examples, hands-on learning, and gamification. She believes in making training fun and interesting, so that everyone is fully engaged and reaping the benefits of our time together.

This is Jen’s most extensive and popular offering. Contact Jen to learn more about how this process can be tailored for your company.

“I appreciated Jen’s balance between teaching core features, what they include and what they can do, and then applying it specifically with a “how to” in our instance live and going through use cases that our team would do on a day to day basis.”

Katie Carmella, AllCloud