Every email needs an unsubscribe link.

Every. Single. Email.

In fact, Account Engagement won’t let you send an email without the unsubscribe or preference center link.

Keep reading to learn how to set up Account Engagement unsubscribe and much more!

What is an unsubscribe?

Unsubscribe is a link at the bottom of your email that users click to opt out of future emails.

You can find your Unsubscribe page in Account Engagement Email > Unsubscribe Page.

Account Engagement offers a ready-made unsubscribe page. Create Account Engagement layout templates to style this page in the same way you would other landing pages.

Account Engagement Unsubscribe page

Unsubscribe vs. Preference center

Key differences between an unsubscribe and a Account Engagement preference center:

Read more on Preference Centers.

Enable two-click unsubscribe

If you’re sending emails with the unsubscribe link, ensure that you have enabled a two-click unsubscribe.

Corporate scanners can accidentally opt-out prospects with a one-click unsubscribe. A two-click unsubscribe requires prospects re-confirm their unsubscribe request, preventing bots from inadvertently unsubscribing your prospects.

The single-click unsubscribe is the default setting, but I highly recommend turning on the two-click feature.

Account Engagement enable two-click unsubscribe

How to personalize your unsubscribe page

If you do nothing with your unsubscribe page, it looks like this. (Pretty blah.)

Account Engagement default unsubscribe

At a minimum, you should add your logo in the formatting section.

Account Engagement customize unsubscribe page

Otherwise, read Jenna Molby’s blog on How to Customize Your Account Engagement Unsubscribe Page.

How to add unsubscribe to your emails

Ok, let’s add the unsubscribe link to your email.

Type the word “Unsubscribe” in your email, highlight it, and click on the “link” icon. You can pick Unsubscribe Link in the Link Type drop-down.

Account Engagement add unsubscribe link

NOTE: The unsubscribe link doesn’t always appear when you test emails. Add yourself as a prospect before you send the test email to check the link.

If you use the Email Builder, read this blog.

Unsubscribe best practices

1. If possible, try to use a preference center for the unsubscribe. Doing so can prevent prospects from unsubscribing while fostering trust with your readers. Read more.

2. Don’t hide your unsubscribe options or make them difficult to see.

3. Avoid text that tries to talk prospects out of unsubscribing. This can appear unprofessional. Honor your contact’s decision to unsubscribe and focus on those who want to engage with your content and products.

4. Include links to your company’s social media profiles so that users who would rather keep in touch on those platforms can easily follow along.

How to correct incorrect opt-outs

Sometimes bad things happen.

You may find a flood of accidental, opted-out prospects that need to be corrected.

Use filters or automation to tag problematic prospects. Then, create an automation rule to change the Opt-Out status to False.

Account Engagement automation to correct opted outs


What if a prospect who previously opted out fills out your form?

Set up Account Engagement’s resubscribe feature! Read more about resubscribing here.