After creating a Pardot email builder template, your next step is sending an email.


At the time of writing this blog, I’d sent more than a dozen emails from Email Content, and I learned a few items that I want to share with you.

Let’s start with the Gotchas (unexpected, usually disconcerting challenges). There are two circumstances that stop many of my clients.


#1 – Unsubscribe

Federal regulations require marketers to have an unsubscribe in their email. If you simply add the unsubscribe merge field directly in the email body, the system will display an unruly link. (Ugh!)

Email Content unsubscribe

Instead, use the “unsubscribe” or “preference center” merge fields to linked text.  (Best practice is to use the preference page.  Read more here.)

1. Type your desired text (Unsubscribe) in your email.

Email Content Unsubscribe

2. Select Merge Fields and choose Unsubscribe or Preference Center. You will see this in your email body:  {{{EmailPreferenceCenter}}}

Email Preference Center

3. Highlight your text (Unsubscribe) and choose the “Link” icon in the Editor.

Email Content Add Linked Text

4. Copy the merge field ({{{EmailPreferenceCenter}}})  from step #2 and paste it for the linked text and save.

Email Content Email Preference Center

NOTE: You can also link Unsubscribe or Email Preferences Center merge tags by adding an href attribute via an <a> tag. It would look like this:

<a href=”{{{Unsubscribe}}}”>Unsubscribe</a>

Add the href attribute via the ‘Source’ button in a Rich Text block or via an HTML Block – it’s your choice!



Email preference center and unsubscribe tags in Pardot Email Builder in Salesforce require additional whitespace to pass validation.

Read More


#2 –Email Sync to HTML

Right before you hit Send on your email, Email Content might give you this message:

Email Content Error Message

This stumps my clients.  It means that you need to hit Sync to HTML.  Once you do, it will add the text to the Text Body field and fulfill the requirements.

Go to Edit in the top right corner of the screen.

Email Content Edit

Scroll down and select “Sync to HTML”.  The system will add the email text to the Text Body field.

Email Content Text Body