When you save your email template, you can keep it in a Private or Public folder.

Private – Only you can see the email template.

Public – Everyone can see the email template.

Account Engagement Email Template private or public folders

But what if you want something in between?

You can create a folder and grant specific people access to the folder.  Follow the steps below.


Email Template Creating a Shared Folder

Start by clicking on Email Template tab and All Folders.

You can create a folder by selecting New Folder, or use an existing one.

Account Engagement Email Template Share Folder


On the right side, select “Share” in the dropdown.

Account Engagement Email Template sharing folders


Complete the fields to designate the sharing.  You can share with Users, Roles, Roles and Subordinates and Public Groups.

Account Engagement Email Template steps for sharing folders


Email Template Folder Access – View Edit or Manage

You can choose the level of access.  Use this chart to see what Viewer, Editor, and Manager access can do with enhanced folder sharing.

Account Engagement Email Template Share Folders View Edit Manage


Required User Permissions

To create, edit, and delete enhanced email template folders in Lightning Experience, you need the “Create Folders for Lightning Email Templates” permission.

More details here.


Good luck!