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Get the Scoop on ALL the ways to use Salesforce Engagement History


Ok marketers, who wants better marketing reporting? Everyone? I figured. Then get the scoop on ALL the ways to use Pardot and Salesforce Engagement History. If you’re looking for better marketing reports and metrics (I know you all are), make sure that you understand the different ways to use Salesforce and Pardot’s Engagement History. So many people start and stop at the Engagement History Dashboard. [...]

Resubscribe Prospects With This New Pardot Feature


Are you capturing ALL your interested prospects for your marketing emails? I mean, even the ones that previously opted out and recently filled out a form? Don’t know? Well, check your account settings for Pardot’s resubscribe feature. It takes about 3 minutes (same amount of time to put gas in your car). Plus it’s just common sense. Enabling this simple feature captures all engaged prospects [...]

Focus on B2B Email Deliverability – An Interview with an Expert

B2B Marketing|

I interviewed Validity Email Deliverability Expert Sloan Simmons to better understand the nuances for B2B marketers. Jen: Is email deliverability harder for B2B companies than B2C? Sloan: B2B is harder. It’s true. If you suspect your emails are getting blocked, you can reach out to specific commercial email providers like Verizon Media or Hotmail. There’s fewer of them and they often have a designated team [...]

Re-engage Prospects Who Have Been Overlooked by Sales


Wake up sleepy prospects who have been missed by the sales team with an engagement program and a custom field using Process Builder. Pardot gives you capability to track a prospect's last activity (email clicks, form submissions), but that's on the marketing side of the world.  What if you want to engage with prospects based on sales activity?  You will need to brush off your [...]

Steer Clear of Corporate Scanners with an Email Preference Center


Phishing has been around as long as email, and it continues to present a sizable risk. According to Avanan, 1 in 25 branded emails are phishing scams.  In response, corporate security software that checks for malware has upped its game. Corporate security software poses a problem for email marketers. Many email marketers still send emails with a single, unsubscribe link at the bottom of their [...]

The Top Three Problems with Lead Lifecycles and How to Solve Them

B2B Marketing|

Lead generation is at the heart of most marketing teams’ goals, and it’s a challenge for nearly everyone. Here are the top three lead gen challenges that I see and suggestions on how to solve them. Challenge #1: Lack of Leads A lack of sufficient leads is by far the most common complaint with regard to lead generation. Luckily, lead generation strategies today are exponentially more [...]

Why You Should Update to HML Today


In the teenage texting lexicon, “HML” can mean anything from Hit My Line (a request to text back) to the angst-drive Hate My Life. But, in Salesforce speak…it means the future, and we're going to take a look at why you should update to HML today... What is HML? HML, or Handlebar Merge Language, is the new path to enhanced functionality of Pardot, and the [...]

What You Should Consider Before Investing In Marketing Automation

B2B Marketing|

Ever wish that you could try something before you made a big decision?  For instance, would you like to bring new dog home for a few days before you bought it at the animal shelter? Wish you could work a day in a potential job before you accepted it?  Want to live a week in a new house before you move to a different neighborhood? [...]

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