Pardot Business Unit Video

Configuring Pardot Business Units for the first time is a little scary. Watch this short, ten-minute video to see how it’s done. (I wish I had this when I set up my first Business Unit!)

Setting up Business Units (0:00)

  1. Start with these steps before you configure your business units:
  2. Add the necessary Salesforce Profies
  3. Assign users to appropriate Salesforce profiles
  4. Add checkbox fields for Marketing Data Sharing
  5. Identify which records need to be synced (Leads or Contacts)
  6. Check the box with appropriate records to sync to Pardot
  7. Import any Leads or Contact Records into respective BU

Configuring Business Units (2:27)

  1. Name Business Unit
  2. Add Administrator
  3. Go to Pardot Settings > Connector > Salesforce > Edit to map the User Sync
  4. Go to Pardot Settings > Connector > Salesforce > Edit to set Marketing Data Sharing Rules

Testing Marketing Data Sharing (9:20)

  1. Add a record (I added a Contact record in this example)