Salesforce is automatically updating Account Engagement for security reasons. Read more about the details and what you need to do.

I will refer to Account Engagement in this blog with its new name: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE).

Am I affected?

Go to Account Engagement Settings > Domain Management.

Click on the upper right button called “Content Served Using Default Domain.” This report will list any content (forms, form handlers, images etc.) or other content that’s accessed over the default domain. (It shows where you may have potential problems.)

Account Engagement Account Engagement Content served using default domain

If the report displays “No results,” you should be in the clear.

NOTE: This report adds a row only when affected content is accessed. If you have forms that are not used frequently, they may still have issues.

Content Served Using Default Domain Report

If your results look like the report below, you have work to do.

Content Served Using Default Domain

If you embed Account Engagement forms or other content in iframes, include JavaScript in that content, and serve this content over the default domain, you need to make updates. Companies can CHOOSE to enable the security update. It will be automatically enabled on August 12.

Salesforce added this report to help you identify what needs to be updated. This report will add a row each time content (form, form handler, images etc.) is accessed with It shows forms accessed after March 14, 2022, and other content accessed after March 29, 2022.

If a content record is accessed multiple times, the report will only display the most recent access. Filter on TYPE to quickly find forms.

Export the information if you find that more convenient.

More details about the report.

A Note from Salesforce:

The biggest culprit is forms that are iframed. However, standalone forms are also impacted. “Standalone” means the form is viewed directly via the form’s link.

In summary:

  • Forms viewed via iframe are impacted
  • Forms viewed standalone are impacted
  • Landing pages via iframe are impacted
  • Forms via a Account Engagement landing page are NOT impacted
  • Form handlers are NOT impacted
  • Images are NOT impacted
  • Files are NOT impacted

“NOT impacted” means those assets will function fine after the April 22 update, but those assets are using the default domain (, and Salesforce recommends updating to a custom domain when time allows.

Now what?

Use the report to identify marketing assets that need to be updated and follow BOTH steps below.

  1. Add a custom tracker domain. Once added, your content is immediately available using the new domain. You don’t need to select the domain on form or content records.
  2. Work with your website team to update links and web pages to use the new content URLs. Replace “” with your custom domain on:
    a. External web pages that embed forms or content via iframe
    b. External hyperlinks pointing to standalone forms

EXAMPLE: To update an iframed form, modify the src attribute on the iframe from a URL. In the example below, the first link (A.) should be updated as shown in the second link (B.)



The deadline for updates is April 22.

Account Engagement content using default domain

Account Engagement content using default domain

Source: Salesforce

What if I miss the deadline?

The new deadline is August 12, 2022.

If you don’t make the necessary changes, your marketing assets, such as forms, may not work as intended. The form content continues to be accessible; however certain included javascript will no longer function as expected.

How do I know if my updates work?

You should no longer see new rows added from forms or other content on the “Content Served Using Default Domain” report.

Test the form then check the “Content Served Using Default Domain” report to make sure that no new items are added.


I highly recommend reading these resources for more details. I primarily used them to summarize main points for this blog.

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