Even if you love your job, work can sometimes…well…be work.

I’m all about making work easy, and if you are using an ABM approach or planning to implement ABM, you should pay attention to these new Salesforce features.

ABM is when sales and marketing concentrate resources on a clearly defined set of target companies.  Sales teams have always used account-based selling.  Among marketers, however, the approach was lesser known until new cutting-edge marketing technologies made account-based marketing possible at scale.

A quick scroll through the list of Account Engagement release features, and you can see an account-based marketing (ABM) theme.  Why?  Many companies adopt ABM strategies these days because they see positive, measurable results.

These new features organize data better on the account level, which is more useful for companies using an ABM strategy.

Matched Leads

What it does: When you are in the Account object, see the leads that match a specific account.

Salesforce Matched Leads

This feature allows you to see all the leads that pertain to a specific account. In this image, Acme Account has at least two leads, and you could convert them directly, if you choose.

Imagine that you identify new targeted accounts. Matched Leads helps you see if you have enough coverage with existing leads and examine their roles currently in Salesforce. See more on Matched Leads. Available in Account Engagement Pro and Advanced. Here’s a great blog.

Engagement History Dashboard on Accounts

What it does: Gives you marketing engagement insights on an account level from marketing activities.

Salesforce Engagement History Report

See the campaign activities, the engagement over time and the most active prospects to make your outreach initiative to this account more relevant.

Have the accounts attended your conference every year?  Are the targeted roles routinely opening your drip emails and engaging with your content?  Knowing how specific accounts have engaged with your company over time lets you tailor your approach.

See more on Engagement History Dashboards.  See installation guide for more information.

Relationships Between Accounts and Campaigns

What it does: Related lists lets you see “at a glance” details about accounts in your campaigns and vice versa.

Salesforce Campaign Related List

Above: See the Campaign related list to the right that show campaigns for a given account.

Salesforce Account Related List

Above: See the Account related list to the right that show campaigns for a given camapaign.

Often ABM companies run a campaign related to an Account and not an individual. But what if that person leaves the company?

Campaign and Account related lists provides better tracking on the Account object. This feature is also be helpful for reporting to have Accounts WITH Campaigns custom report type. How to add a related list.

Automate Sales Notification

Having close communications between marketing  and sales is vital for a successful ABM approach.  Set up automation to notify sales people of meaningful, targeted account activity.


Salesforce Chatter Email Settings

Users can control whether they receive Chatter notification emails and how many they receive.

Learn more.


Daily Report Subscription

Salesforce Report Settings

Schedule and Subscribe to Reports and receive notifications that keep you informed about metrics you care most about without having to manually run reports.

Learn more.


Push Notifications on the Salesforce App

Salesforce App

Keep sales up to speed on important events and engagement with push notifications.

1)In-app notification (In app)

2)Push notification (On device)

Learn more.