I love uncovering little surprises. (Like the time I found a miniature plastic spoon on the bottom of the yogurt container.) Amazing!

Here are a few “spoon” features of B2BMA.


B2BMA lets you view or add notifications. When a value passes a specific threshold, you can set a notification to get real-time alerts to key metrics.  Create notifications by selecting Set Notification from the menu on any widget (except a time line or values table).
You can create up to 10 notifications.

To set a notification, follow these steps.

Presentation mode

Want to give a live demonstration? If you are in a meeting, you may want to pull up this dashboard on-screen. You simply hit “present,” and it will pull up full screen. Your audience can follow along as you whiz through the data to tell your story.


When you are sharing, you can post to a feed in salesforce, and you can grab the link and send it to someone else who has access to B2BMA. You can also download it and share the image as a PNG file to add to a Powerpoint presentation.

B2BMA Share Present Notification


You can modify and customize B2BMA by an individual user.

For example, you have a flock of people who use a B2BMA dashboard. They can select a filter, and B2BMA will let them save that view and set it as a default. This works great if the people using the dashboard have different interests and needs. Users can customize their views without setting their filters every time.

B2BMA filter

Download to Excel

If you need to dig deep into the metrics, you can easily download the data into Excel.

This share icon will let you download the data into Excel. Maybe you need to quickly combine it with other data or need to make changes. Sometimes you just want to get your hands on the numbers!

B2BMA share to download

B2BMA download to excel


You have many options for protection.

First, you can assign different permission sets depending on what access you would like to give users.

Manage Analytics – Allows users to access all Analytics features, including administrator-level capabilities.

Use Analytics – Allows users to open Analytics, run Analytics apps, view datasets, lenses, and dashboards, create and edit lenses.

Read more on setting up B2BMA permissions.

You can also manage security at the app level. You can set permissions to all B2BMA users or create an app and make it visible only to marketing.

Or set security predicates on the data. For example, B2BMA can filter the data based on who is looking at the dashboard.  

You have many different options for security!


Shoot! If you made a mistake, you can “undo” it. Click on the undo button to get back to an earlier rendition.

B2BMA undo button


B2BMA displays a help icon everywhere. So if you get stuck, you have a lifeline. Use it!

B2BMA help