I am an oversized ParDreamin’ advocate, but I didn’t watch a single recorded session…until now.

I finally had a break between clients and my kids’ youth sporting events to get caught up.  Here are my top 2021 session picks.

How to watch ParDreamin’

Before you start, I have two tips.

  • You can download the speaker slides to get a quick peek at the content. This has been very helpful to decide which sessions to add to my watch list.
  • Also, you can watch the video recordings at a higher speed. (I kick it into X1.5 because my time is valuable.)

Hands On:  How to Build a Account Engagement Email Engagement Dashboard in Salesforce

By Karla Vance


Do you get excited about Salesforce dashboards and reporting?

Have connected campaigns with Account Engagement and would love to see email engagement data in one place?

Then, this is the hands-on session for you!

Join Karla Vince, Marketing Operations Manager and Irvine Account Engagement Community Co-leader, for a workshop-style session with step-by-step instructions on how to leverage connected campaigns and Salesforce reporting to create a dynamic Account Engagement email engagement dashboard.

Jen’s note:  I’ve been creating engagement email reports for a couple years now, but I’ve never created one like Karla shows in this session.  I’m going to use this for my clients!

Salesforce Campaigns: The Strategy Behind the Tool to Boost your Marketing Impact

by Ivo Campos and Julien Hennico


In this session, Campos and Hennico share the steps you should take to achieve a successful Salesforce campaign management system and how to get everyone aligned with the goals of the Salesforce campaigns.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure stakeholders receive expected reporting metrics
  • Understand the business structure and marketing activity
  • Prioritize and scope the project

Jen’s note:  A key takeway here is using different campaign record types and custom fields to give you better marketing reporting.  Historically, I have relied too much on the campaign hierarchy.  Speakers Campos and Hennico also give you a couple helpful examples.  After watching this session, I plan to change my campaign approach.


Streamlining the Prospect Experience with Dynamic Content, HTML and Snippets

By Mimi Claugus and Marcos Duran


Are you tired of making the same email templates over and over again to just update a few sentences?  Then this session is for you!

Claugus and Duran explain how to manage your content library across your website to produce a streamlined experience for your prospects. Learn how WordPress and Account Engagement (Dynamic Content, HTML, and Snippets) work hand in hand to help you deliver the right content at the right time. We will provide you with real-life use cases of the different personalization options Account Engagement has to offer.

This session is for Account Engagement admins and anyone managing your website at all skill levels.

Jen’s note:  Customization in emails is so cliché, but it’s true.  Better personalization leads to better engagement rates.  Lot’s of good examples of how to get better customization working in Account Engagement.  Tune into this session get tips on HML, dynamic content and snippets.

Quality Control and Testing in Account Engagement: The Path of Feeling Zen when Pressing “Send”

by Jacob Filipp


Would you like to feel cool, calm and collected the next time you launch a Account Engagement campaign?

This session is for in-house marketers who want to make sure batch mailings go well and complex automations work correctly. Consultants will hear how quality assurance can be an unexpected source of value — and revenue.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

Ensure your batch mailings are problem-free with built-in Account Engagement tools.
Build your automation with confidence: tips for a reliable architecture.
Be sure your complex flow work as intended — with Jacob’s simple system.
Develop a mental toolkit for preventing problems.
Stand out as a consultant and generate revenue.
Troubleshoot if something still goes wrong.

Jen’s note:  I found this session refreshing and insightful.  I liked the sections about “mental tools” and “complicated workflows.”  Lot of good advice here for companies sending emails – espeically if you are starting to add customization in your emails.  


Tracking UTM values into Salesforce Campaigns

by Triana Jarman and Nicola Ray


UTMs track the traffic from a variety of sources including email, social media, banner ads, and more. But how can you track them through to your Salesforce Campaigns?

In this session, you will learn about UTM parameters and how they behave with Salesforce Campaigns.

We’ll cover:

  • The basics of UTM parameters and values
  • Capture UTM values via Account Engagement forms
  • Get the field mapping right to successfully track through to Salesforce Campaigns
  • See how UTMs can enhance your Salesforce marketing reports

Jen’s note:  Many companies use UTM’s, and getting them working in Account Engagement is a trick.  Triana Jarman does a nice job covering the key process and flows.  I wish that she would have provided a Process Builder or Flow example.  (I guess that will be a future blog!)