While I was at Dreamforce this week, I bumped into several Pardot experts.

So…naturally I stopped and asked them about their favorite Pardot Winter ’22 release feature.  Here’s what they said:

Jennifer Schneider – Pardot Classic is retired

Jennifer Schneider Pardot

“If you’re you’re not on Lightning, do it yesterday!”

The Pardot Classic app will no longer be available for new accounts on October 11, 2021, and it’s scheduled for retirement in all Salesforce orgs by October 17, 2022. Read more.


Irene Engels – Email Builder Templates in Engagement Studio

Irene Engels Pardot

“My life just got easier!”

Use email templates created in the drag-and-drop Email Builder in Engagement Studio. Users simply click “Activate for Automations” to make a template available in Engagement Programs.  Read more.


Guilda Hilaire – Landing Page Builder

Guilda Hilaire Pardot

“This is a game changer for B2B users!”

Build landing pages inside the Pardot Lightning. Once enabled, users can create a landing page record in a couple of clicks. Clone a landing page and save the new record to a different campaign and business unit.  Read more.


Brandon Walton – Custom Components for Email Content Builder

Brandon Walton Pardot

“Things are getting real fancy around here!”

You can now create custom email components in Pardot’s drag-and-drop builder to help marketers create more engaging email content for their customers. For instance, drag your webinar information into the email builder for a GotoWebinar Custom Component.  Salesforce Administrators need to install Custom Components from the AppExchange or directly from a package URL. Read more.


Sara Camden – Customize Prospect Unsubscribe and Resubscribe Page Content

Sara Camden Pardot

“Consumer Choice is king!”

Your marketing team can now control all the messaging that appears on Pardot unsubscribe and resubscribe pages. Read more.


Tigh Loughhead – External Actions

Tigh Loughhead Pardot

“External actions make Pardot extensible beyond simple email engagement.”

Use External Actions to improve your Pardot automations with external prospect data from your third-party apps.  For example, capture when a prospect attends a webinar through your third-party webinar service and use that data in any of your Pardot automations or Engagement Studio programs.  Read more.


Becka Miller – New Pardot User Permissions for Do Not Email, Reset Bounces

Becka Miller Pardot

“Keep random Pardot users from wiping out your database.”

New user mailability permissions are available for update Opted Out, Do Not Email fields, and reset hard and soft bounces.  All of these permissions default to the Pardot administrator.  You can choose to remove the permissions from the Pardot Marketing role.  Read more.


Erick Mahle – Send Slack Notifications to Pardot Users

Erick Mahle

“It’s about Slacking time!”

Use completion actions in Pardot to notify your team in Slack when prospects interact with your marketing assets. You can also create a personalized, formatted message so that your team understands how to interact with the prospect. Read more.


Click here for the full list of Winter ’22 Release enhancements.